Achievements in Cloud migration

We have managed over 17 Cloud migration projects through our brilliant team of 150 Cloud Computing professionals. Talk to us today for multiple Cloud based technologies and platforms including Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack (Rackspace and HP Cloud), Google Cloud and Salesforce.

Business Benefits

  • Leverage our cutting edge Gateway Enterprise Cloud First (GEC1) framework
  • Automated migration process with industry standard tools- up to 25% reduction in migration cycle
  • More than 600 reusable modules and components for optimized time to market
  • Collective intelligence of more than 200 man years
  • Consult with more than 30 Cloud-Certified solution experts
  • Multiple-industry patterns and practices for high value returns

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

We help you optimise your investments in Data Centres by Migrating your Line of Business (LoB) applications, Mission critical platforms, Desktops to cloud based infrastructure. This helps you to reduce your year on year hardware management and upgrade cost while improving availability of critical applications to the growing global staff. IaaS configured rightly delivers high quality redundant platform with dynamic scalability on demand at a fraction of the cost of normal data centre based deployments of the same level. Our 20 + certified cloud infrastructure specialists can help you smoothly transition from data centre / on premise legacy infrastructure to cloud enabled scalable global cloud first infrastructure.

Platform as a service (Paas)

Your legacy LoB application or products need to go global, delivering scalability, reach, high availability and redundancy Gateway Cloud First Migration service is your one stop solution Hub. We re-engineer your legacy platform irrespective of the original development stack to build a global Cloud First solution using a team of 30+ certified Cloud Solution Evangelist and our industry standard GEC1 Framework with over 600+ ready to use reusable modules and components. Ensuring optimised time to market along with delivering a standards driven solution based industry accepted Patterns and Practices.

Software as a Service (Saas)

Ideal for moving existing infrastructure hosting LOB applications / other business support services with primary objective of drop in hosting cost with improvement in availability and scalability on demand.

Enterprise Mobility Service (EMS)

Transforming IT Paradigm coupled with the wide range acceptance of smart phones and post PC devices has led to the emergence of “Computing Everywhere”. LoB application & business products now need to be able to deliver content & features across device barriers. Gateway Enterprise Mobile First (GEM1) Framework built on our experience of building 480 + mobile applications across mobile platforms with our assimilated experience on the mobility and cloud stacks, helps us deliver high velocity apps with rapid turn around. Optimising time to market & adding value added featured thanks to our shared knowledge base and rapid technology adoption strategies. The 100 + out of the box components and modules in GEM1 framework help us in delivering apps with rapid turn around time leveraging the cloud stacks for social IT and message delivery capabilities.