Employee Payroll Management with NK TECHNOLABS

Securely store and manage your company employee information with NK HRM employee management system allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible.

  • Update and access all employee information from one place.
  • Search employee skills, qualifications and other information easily across whole company.
  • Terminate employees while keeping data in system.
  • Re-enable temporarily terminated employees with one click.
  • Employee archive feature to archive data of terminated employees
  • Change field names (e.g SSN to National ID)
  • Add any number of custom fields
  • Allow supervisors or managers to edit employee information
  • Have department admins who can access employee details of a whole department

Leave Management

NK HRM Leave module is used to define all the elements required to manage leave policy of your company.

  • Supports companies operating in multiple countries
  • Define any type of leave you have in company leave policy (e.g Annual leave, Medical leave)
  • Assign certain types of leaves only to selected groups of employees
  • Assign different leave amounts based on employee, job title, contract type and other factors
  • Partial leave support (e.g Half Day, 1 Hour)
  • Add up to four approval levels
  • Maintain different leave policies for different countries
  • Leave carry forwarding and leave accrual

Attendance tracking

Attendance Tracking can help track employees either by time when recording attendance or configure it using server time. System also helps track of attendance of people who are already punched in.

Attendance graph

Audit Log

Audit Log module will enable Admin to track each and every action of your employees. This will help admin to find out possible root causes in such as misusing the system by employees, issue occur due to user errors. It will also help to possibly track the employee using their (IP ADRESS) to check to see if they are logged inside the system from office or their home.

Role Based Access control

Admin can define access based on user role in an organization

Payroll Setup

Our current software is configured for calculating payroll for running payroll for two countries which can be extended as per your company needs. Payroll software:

  • Stores employee salary details with and group into salary components.
  • Allows to calculate various deductions
  • Calculate overtime
  • Add approve expenses, claims into pay slips.
  • Add salary components based on attendance sheets
  • Allow employee to download pay slips in PDF format

Training Module

  • Admin/ Manager can use courses to define training sessions.
  • Admin can assign courses to employees or employees can subscribe.
  • Admin can mark training session as attended and attach a proof of completion if required
  • Admin/Managers can mark that training is completed.